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I love my fashion bridals video : Me In this video you can pretty much get an Idea of what you shoot would be like, I love to have fun while I work I truly enjoyed and loved what I do , feel so bless that God gave me all I needed to do what I am most passionate about Photography. Wedding Photography start at:$5000 I only do 4 weddings a year . Fashion Bridal Portraits start:$650 Portraits | Model Portfolios start at:$350 Commercial Photography :$2000day rate. Gisela travels to Miami, Naples , Orlando, Dallas, McAllen, Mexico ,NYC at least twice a year for her Editorial & Fashion work. info Wedding Site: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Los Angeles Boudoir Photoshoots

You donʼt have to be a model to love seeing yourself in a soft and sensual portrait. You love seeing your persona captured in a photo. You donʼt have to be beautiful as described by a beauty magazine. Photographing a woman in her natural state, with the emphasis on soft and sensual, good posing, carefully defined lighting and effective communication between picture-taker and model all results in incredible and tasteful artistic photos she will treasure forever.

Boudoir photography is an art form. Boudoir photographs put the relationship between photographer and a woman on a new level. You have to trust your photographerʼs skill and her ethics. And the photographer must not betray that trust. Gisela Prishker respects trust boundaries and understands it is a required professional competency.

A boudoir is a womanʼs bedroom or sitting room. However, photos in this category today are not just bedroom shots. Other rooms in a home or studio, or outdoor shots, become good settings for quality sensuous pictures. The setting is less important than understanding what makes for a good sexy image; the foundation for quality is artistic tastefulness.

Are you ready to see your self sexier than ever.

« Continue editing

For More Information click here HERE

Estrella Cortez

I know Estrella for over 4 year and I had to share this with you I am so proud of her, she is beautiful,talented smart, and very young....I love that she is so determined to get what she wants..Love you Estrella...keep glowing
Artist: Estrella Cortes
Song written by: Adrian Pieragostino / Estrella Cortes
Music Producer: Adrian Pieragostino
Video directed & shot by: Miguel Torres
Video edited by: Miguel Torres/ Estrella Cortes
Management: George Salinas (Cross Over Ent.)

Full length video and spanish version will come soon !

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gisela Prishker will be exhibiting her latest work called Sensuality without Taboo

Estilo con Causa II Tickets on sale now! 100% of proceeds go to support kids suffering from poverty in El Salvador. Don’t miss out on an unforgettable red carpet event with fashion, music, and art. We will be
announcing soon the upcoming participants of Estilo Con Causa II!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Los Angeles- Ventura County-OC Boudoir Photoshoots, great Valentines Gift Ideas

G P Photographer
Unique opportunity to schedule a sophisticate and sensual Boudoir/Model portfolio with the international editorial, fashion and celebrity photographer GP. For only $150dlls is a promotional rate and mini session. If you are not a model, this is a great opportunity for you to express your sensuality and beauty through the camera of GP and Boudoir style. Act quickly to secure one of these limited spots! For Reservations by Jan

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Elije Vivir Seminars

My 4th Seminar will take place at the Bienestar Office in Los Angeles.

Great Article about my Semibars.

Seminar Info:
Elije Vivir

Argelia Atilano in Nuvis Cober

About Argelia:
Argelia Atilano Page


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gabriel Soto & Geraldine Bazan Life Style Beach Portraits

Check him out:
Gabriel Soto
Check her out:
Geraldine Bazan

New Look & Celebrating life

Hair Stylist: Martha De La fuente
Hair & Make up: Faboulous Yadira Lopez
Facial Care: Mythica Medical Spa

My new look begun when I came back from my photo tour , I was traveling so much that had no time for me , when i arrive to LA Jan 20th I decided to do something different , like eating healthy, exercising , meditating, things like that , things that I totally forgot I was too busy in a different world, and this year I wont stop I am on my 2nd month and feel so happy with my results I finally change my hair Stylist , Martha You rock, and Rene thank you for choosing my make up, most of my friends participate on my new look, and I am so happy because If I was in love with Gisela already I am deeply In love with my self now.
But I am not only happy with what I have accomplished in these 2 months.
I am really Celebrating Life and happy I am alive, last weekend I had a car accident that had me in shock for almost a week , yeah I am still afraid to drive on 101 freeway but I will try again tomorrow, thank God was not a mayor thing but I am still nervous when I think about it, Today I feel so bless because I am so in love with my career and all the great changes I have one in my life, alimentation, I am so happy because I been working on me so much , to become a better person, also taking care of my body, mind & soul, started to meditate again, walking, reading, and focusing more in what is really worth, I am learning so much working with Wonderful woman's in my seminars, Mentoring Ivana is by far one of the things I really enjoy a lot she is my lil girl and proud of her, helping Kids to grow is just priceless, I am also very content because I have the most supportive family & friends all over the world and happy to see that I am reaching most of my goals still working on some of them.

Today I am going to show you my new shoot I had with the amazing Yadira Lopez she is not only my greatest friend in LA but one of the most wonderful Make-up artist I know she is great.
Check her out:
Yadira Lopez

Fashion Bridals & day After with Bella Favela

Fashion Bridal Portraits & day after shoot in Los Angeles CA

Marco Antonio Regil SEminar iN PT Rico May 15 & 16

I have to say that meeting Marco has been amazing, he is one of the nicest man I met this year ,very talented, smart and spiritual , I learned so much from him.

Marco Antonio Regil

Mexico's number one TV host, has devoted almost 25 years of his life to Radio and Television.

He started his career in 1985 when he won a radio DJ contest for an open position at a local station in the city of Obregon, Mexico. He later continued his radio career in Tijuana, and in 1990 he joined the country's number One TV network, Televisa.

Looking for better opportunities he moved to Mexico City in 1993 where he made his international television debut as a co-host for one of Latin America's most important music events, Festival Acapulco.

Later on, he hosted many prime time special music shows, beauty pageants and Telethons, while continuing his daily live radio show.

His thoroughness and professionalism, was greatly rewarded in October of 1997, when he was selected to host the most successful game show ever on Mexican television The Price Is Right.

Family Feud, Dancing With The Stars, Celebrity Circus, Miss Mexico, Premio Lo Nuestro (Univision) and Telethon are some of the many international TV shows that he has hosted throughout his career, including the 5 De Mayo Celebration at the White House.

His credibility has earned him the trust in becoming a spokesperson for McDonalds, Pepsi and Nestle among others, which includes non-profit organizations like The American Red Cross and the Mexican Telethon. In which he has helped raise more than 40 million dollars every year.

After conquering the Spanish Speaking world, his ultimate goal is to become the first Latino TV host to do the crossover to the English Market; this is why in 2004 he moved to the U.S.

While he continues working in Spanish TV, he has been working with expert celebrity speech coach Larry Moss to perfect his English.

On September 16th 2008 he made his English debut becoming the first Latino ever to host The Price Is Right Live in Las Vegas, NV.
Check Him out
Marco Atonio Regil
Seminar Info:
Vendedores Perros

Brad T Gottfred

This month I met the most amazing and talented people one of then is
Brad T Gottfred's first feature film, THE MOVIE HERO, starred Jeremy Sisto (Clueless, Six Feet Under) and Peter Stormare (Fargo, Prison Break). It played at over 20 film festivals worldwide, winning numerous awards including First Prize at the Rhode Island Film Festival and the Audience Award at the Austin Film Festival. Called "exactly the kind of film worth seeing because of its individuality and creativity" by Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, it was released on DVD by Anchor Bay Entertainment in November, 2006 and began airing on Showtime in March of 2007. To view a trailer and more, please go to Brad recently wrapped shooting his second feature, ORGIES AND THE MEANING OF LIFE. The independent film combines live action and animation to tell an exciting and experimental story about a man's journey into himself. More of Brad's work, including short stories and short films, are available at his website,

Monday, March 29, 2010

Somos Magazine Photosoot In Naples Florida

I really enjoy visiting Florida, I work & play each time I go there I have the most amazing photo shoot on top of that I get to see all my friends , visit my favorite beaches eat at my favorite restaurants , and enjoying life.



Argelia Atilano Celebrates Camilas's Baptism

I feel so attached to Camila's I was her 1st photographer even before she was born,the day everybody knew Argelia's is pregnant I was there, then I took her pregnancy shots, then when she was born, then her 6months portraits and now her Baptism, awwwwwwww Camila you are growing so fast.
Thank you Omar & Argelia for open your hearts to me and giving me an amazing friendship, love your family so much.
This is how the "Spring" was welcomed into our lives...with Camilas's Baptism on March 20th, 2010. One of the Best Days of Our Lives. Argelia Atilano.

Life in Los Angeles another busy week

I loved going to Argelia Atilano's house because each time we all get together is to celebrate something great and is also like a family reunion, I just know all her family and all our friends get together that's just so great , this time we celebrate Camilas's Baptism and it was so much fun I even sang with the Mariachi.
Then After that big Event I had 2 more Parties to go and I made it, so last event was Zab Bday Celebration I was there for only one hour but I made it, How do I do that i don't know I think I have good time management skills.
I am happy I made it, because the girls were so happy to see me.Miss u guys.
Arturo B-day Celebration was great we got to do his Bday trip to Vegas and It was fun, but I still had to go to my friend bday celebration It was fun and I really enjoyed meeting all his new friends, My friend is the luckiest man on Earth he works at Fox Sports and gets paid to watch sports exactly what he loves , lucky boy...Happy B-day Arturo.

My friend Dottie Visiting.
I had an amazing surprise a very dear friend I met In Montana @ RMSP Photography School,was in town was great to catch up, we had a very good lunch at Lala's in Studio City then , I took her to Malibu, we visited the Indian Temple, took lots of pictures I sang for her , I talked so much , we really enjoyed each others company.
Luv you Dottie , I hope to visit Montana with you soon..

Friday, March 12, 2010

Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk & The Edison

I love Art as you know .

"Art is vital for me. It is to believe in people, in life, in love. It isa response to the beauty of nature. As an artist I do what I do for noother purpose than to express my feelings."(Tuan )

Photography completed my life.

The Girls......
los angeles art walk & The Ediosn Downtown LA
My Inspiration Frida Kahlo..I love her very passionate woman.
los angeles art walk & TheEdiosn Downtown LA
Jorge is a really great man I admire the great son he is , a great Journalist ...and good friend
Add tilos alos angeles art walk & TheEdiosn Downtown LAngeles art walk & tle

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Boudor Site,New Blog.New Branding

For two weeks I been working on my new boudoir site and also upgrading my fashion site , I hope you like it.
Click in each picture to get to the site.

Boudoir, Miami Boudoir Photographer, Hollywood Headshots Los Angeles Headshots Hollywood Photographer, Hollywood Headshots Los Angeles Headshots Hollywood Photographer,

Boudoir Photography Article

Yeahii Another article about my Boudoir Photography this is great because we have it in English & Spanish...

Boudoir Photographs are not only to put in an elegant frame photos, these images described as sexy, attractive and sensitive are the sensation of the moment. The beauty of this stylehas revolutionized within the female sex. Is that every woman, to any age, without the perfection of a body, can pose for the lens of a camera and feel glamorous, beautiful and sexy.

Boudoir French word meaning "room" has become popular in many countries, although there are still some moral and social barriers prevent women explore the experience of being photographed naked or scantily clad, either through timidity or for not looking like a professional model.
The apparel, accessories and the environment are only complements for a photo shoot a success. The attitude and the desire to someone who wants to be photographed are the most important elements to make perfect scenery. Then with the help of a photographer that creates confidence in a photo session, directs you and
motivates unfold in every movement.
The sessions are artistic and very original. And the main objective of this whole experience is that you find fun and look in yourself so you can be creative and unexpected project. You will surprise!!
Appropriate advice can be found with the talented Gisela Prisker, professional photographer who emphasizes the personality of her client or model during the shoot.
The environments and scenarios for her are secondary, invent and create beautiful
photographs in the easiest place will captivate you.
For more information go to her website

So Dare and venture to explore the sensuality that every woman
carries within. Enjoy it!
By: Urania Coronado Lippmann


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Seminars for Woman

Since I am 15years old I used to say when I am rich and famous I want to help people as I grew up I realized that there was no money or fame needed to make a change in this world to give back, so last years I was reading all this emails and letter I been receiving over the years of many woman that feel Inspire about my story and the way I live life it was so powerful that they made me cry I never imagined that I was doing that, so as I got Involved as Sponsor with Bienestar I mention I wanted to help woman with whatever I can so here I am going to start giving Seminars of Self Help to them , not only that I will get all my dear friends involved in this project so we can make a change in someones life.Thank You God for all the blessing.

What is Bienestar
Bienestar is a grass-roots, non-profit community service organization established in 1989. Bienestar originated as a direct result of neglect and non-existent HIV/AIDS services for the Latino community. Since our establishment, Bienestar has evolved into a multi-service, multi-center agency, offering services throughout Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego. Our team is comprised of bilingual and bicultural staff and volunteers that are demographically, culturally, and linguistically representative of the communities we serve. Our health models have set the standard of excellence for peer-driven services throughout the United States and Latin America. We strongly believe that the solutions to our community challenges can be found within our community. Bienestar invites you to be a part of our solution

BIENESTAR es una institución de base comunitaria y sin fines de lucro fundad en 1989. BIENESTAR se origino como resultado de la falta de atención y servicios dirigidos a la comunidad Latina viviendo con el VIH/SIDA. A través de los años BIENESTAR se ha convertido en una institución de múltiples programas y centros comunitarios ofreciendo sus servicios en todo el Condado de Los Ángeles, San Bernardino y San Diego. Nuestro equipo esta formado por voluntarios y empleados que son bilingües, y biculturales, los cuales representa a la comunidad demográficamente, culturalmente, y lingüísticamente. Los servicios que ofrecemos han fomentado modelos de excelencia tanto en los Estados Unidos como en Latino América con programas plenamente dirigidos por miembros de nuestra comunidad. Creemos firmemente que las soluciones a nuestros retos las podemos encontrar dentro de nuestra propia comunidad. BIENESTAR te invita a ser parte de esta solución.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

THe Busiest Week In LA & Trip to Vegas

I cant believe how many things I accomplished this week, and I am happy to have been able to go to all the evevent's my friends Invited me, I am surprised I even had time for a lil getaway to Vegas that trip was fun.Thank you Arturo for the Invite.....I have a lot of events to go this month but this week was the busiest not only Networking events but Bday parties ect...I am so happy I made it....Is funny because yesterday I made it to 3 events in one day...Had dinner with a"friend" then Improv show had to support my dear friend and great actor Mauricio, then Esme Bday, then we went to this fabulous place called Edison..Fun stuff enjoy the pics.

Las Vegas

LOs Angeles Busiest Day.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tease of my Promo Video-Boudoir Photography In California

I spend my day today doing all the interviews for My Promo Videos, & Workshops.Hope you like this lil tease.
Photographer : Gisela Prishker Boudoir
Lengerie: Chelsea Manor Lingerie
Video: Angel Productions
Hair & Makeup: Rene Munoz
Fashion Stylist:Martha De La Fuente
Model:Actress Bella Favela
Coordination & PR:Urania Coronado


Gisela Prishker 310 866 2408 Fashion/Editorial Blog/photo Journal Boudoir, Los angeles boudoir, Miami Boudoir Photographer,boudoir photography orange county,boudoir photography southern california, boudoir wedding photography, boudoir photintimate photography,couples boudoir photography,boudoir photography ,Maxim Style Photography

Monday, March 1, 2010

Going To Cartagena Colombia Nayibes Wedding

I have to say Nayibe is one of the sweetest girl, I love her so much and I have to say I am the HAPPIEST friend right now, you are getting married Nayi, that makes me so happy because I know how much you love that wonderful man you have next to you.
We have spend many years talking about this and I am not only happy because you marrying Nelson but because i got to be your maid of Honor and I am traveling to one of my favorite countries Colombia, yeahhhhhhyyy, that's great I adore you with all my heart and you better be ready because my long speech will make you cry , I will talk more than my b-days because Your Wedding is so important to me as it is to you.
You were my first Somos Model, My confident, I fail once and you still loved me, thank you for never judging, thank you for getting my first Martini(and last) I really don't like drinking, Our first trip to NYC,been with me in all my Bday celebrations for the past ten years , I am so HAPPY you have no idea ....I will make sure your wedding is as perfect as our friendship is...Even our mistakes make it perfect because we want it that way...
Beautiful, I always wanted the best for you now I want the best for you and Nelson, I cant wait to spend the greatest time with you guys in Cartagena..LOve you Both and thank you so much for giving me the greatest title.
Maid of Honor.

WEdding In cartagena Colombia
Cartagena Colombia Photography
Photographer in Cartagena Colombia


About This Blog

Los Angeles photographer & Long Beach photographer, Gisela Prishker is an Editorial/Fashion Photographer based in Los Angeles. Now she can be found shooting in Miami, Dallas, New York and is available to travel worldwide. To see where she is at now visit Gisela Prishker as featured in RangeFinder Magazine, Photodistrict News, Direct TV, Mega TV, Somos Magazine, Bodas USA, Trash the Dress, Dont Box Us In, Naples Photographer, San Diego Fashion Photographer. She focuses on the story of you. Adding a touch of Art to her photographs, sensual, striking and fashionable photography. She is also nnown as Naples' & SW Florida premier photographer. She is available for editorial and commercial photography in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Miami, Naples, New York & Dallas. Naples Photographer Gisela Prishker travels to Florida to shoot from weddings to fashion Her FASHION BLOG Naples Portrait Photographer | Portrait Photographer in Naples From Editorial | portraits | Long Beach Portraits | Long Beach Photographer | Kids Photographer in Long Beach | Baby Portraits in Long Beach\ Baby Portraits in Naples weddings in Florida, Gisela focuses on creating unique and non-traditional images. Adding a touch of fashion with a latin twist to her photographs, what you get an artistic image that you will love! A different approach to wedding photography as featured in Trash The Dress site, Bodas USA, RangeFinder Magazine, Photo District News, Mega News (Direct TV), Dont Box Us In | Portrait Photography. She is also nnown as Naples Editorial Premier photographer. She is available for editorial and commercial photography in Los Angeles | New York | Miami and surrounding areas, willing to travel, working as an Editorial and Corporate Florida photographer. Los Angeles | Long Beach wedding | portrait, Long Beach Photographer,photographer From Editorial | portraits | weddings in california If you want a piece of art call her at 800-517-1039. Everything from this photographer is enticing, from the gorgeous colors that pour out of the images she captures to the artistic eye she has for photography and life in general(Trash The Dress). Gisela Prishker is one of California' newer photographers, having relocated to this southwestern metro area a scant 6 months ago ago. She didn't move there with an eye to capture nuptials, though--things just developed. While Prishker maintains a hot career with Hispanic magazine Somos, as their chief photographer. Naples Wedding Photographer, Naples Portrait Photographer Gisela Prishker is also available to shoot in NYC, Los Angeles and Dallas. Editorial Photographer. Interview to read more.. Gisela Prishker represents a new generation of Latinos photographers. Specializing in fashion, editorial and wedding photography. Among other thing she works as a photographer for the Hispanic magazine Somos. Originally from Mexico, at the age of 14, she realized her love for photography. At age sixteen, started playing around with the camera while still at school and was offered a job working for a local newspaper, photographing the most popular people in the city and was later moved to shoot images for another section of the paper where she was to cover concerts and famous artists that arrived in the city. Looking for new opportunities she later applied at another newspaper where they rejected her for lack of experience.This did not stop her though as she was determined to get the job. She insisted so much that she did get a job for the paper although not as a photographer at first, but with time was able to work with a reporter and do photography once more.Having won a contest in the Fort Lauderdale Institute later tookher to travel to Miami at age 19, but because of life’s circumstances, Gisela had to take a break from photography for six years. Later her decision to return to the world of photography, would give her more courage than ever to dedicate herself once more to what she loved the most. Although she did not have much money she focused on returning to school to take classes and with the help and support of two very good friends was able to go forward and not give up what she loved. She lived in Montana, where she continued her studies while practicing photgraphy, while doing other types of work to support her photography education. The first time Gisela was able to develop an image in the darkroom was for her a truly magical moment. To be able to actually see for the first time how an image was transformed, made her appreciate her vocation even more so.It’s only been three years since Gisela opened her business in photography and for the first time ever, has been able to dedicate herself 100% to the business. These days, you rarely see her without a camera as she is always looking for something beautiful to photograph.Her inspiration along the way has been Annie Lebowitz and Mary Ellen Marks. “Somethingthat always worries me is the prostitution of young poor children, and Annie captures this in her images” I have always thought I would like to do what Annie does for a living and also Mary Ellen’s style because I love documentary or editorial work and the interesting people you can capture. Gisela’s style of photography according to her is sensual. Her work is also addictive, as her clients not only look for her only once a year, but keep coming back at least threetimes in a year for photo shoots. “I don’t just sell an image or a product, apart from a service,I sell experience”. Gisela always tries to make her sessions fun and tries to make her subject feel as though she is the most beautiful woman in the universe. What she likes the most is boudoir and shooting models. “It is a very intimate moment, besides the person has to have much trust and confidence in you to be able to present themselves for this type of photoshoot. Gaining the trust of the client is the best thing, because after this occurs, you canbegin to capture any kinds of images that onewants because that trust is now there”. Prishker also enjoys fashion and editorial photography, and is yet working on this to take it to another level. With the help of a hairstylist/make-up artist friend, her plans are to create a portafolio of high fashion photography. Joining her will also be a fashion designer and this project, she hopes will be completed very soon.Gisela is a frequent flyer to Florida where she once also resided. She does this once a month as she already has her calendar scheduled with clients who have booked photo shoots with her for when she arrives. Usually, her clients are ready to schedule a new session before they have seen the images from the previous one. When they do see the images, they make plans to prepare for the next shoot so that they may look even better. Last year she very proudly was able to conduct an event in the Shrine Auditorium, where she gathered a group of professional Hispanic photographers, fashion designers, models, make-up artists etc. in order to make a promotional video and also form a networking group of professionals that also include florists, videographer, catering services, wedding planners. All this with the purpose of starting her own company although small at first but her goals are to make it grow with time. Definitely what Gisela sells is her personality and a great achievement for her at this time in her life has been the ability to be able to balance her career with her personal life. This is something she did not have before. Now a days she is able to dedicate more time to those things she loves to do besides her career and spend more time with family and friends. Her future plans besides forming her own company, include to give more seminars, contribute to magazines, and she is also a mentor to three very important people whom she is currently helping to improve their photography. She would like to see them grow and become better than her at what they do. Advice to any photographer is to fight for what you want, be persistent. That it is not easy and there are sacrifices that need to be made, but if you love what you do it is well worth it in the end and great things will come. Also very important, not to forget to givethanks to those who helped you along the way and beable to recognize those who helped.web site: celebrity fashion photographers shoot fashion photography fashion photography myspace fashion photography portfolios vogue fashion photography fashion editorial photography glamour fashion photography fashion photography makeup head shot photographer actor headshots hollywood headshots shoot headshots headshots portraits acting headshots headshot makeup headshots nyc, los angeles , burbank ,Miami,professional photographers los angeles los angeles headshot photographers portrait photography los angeles commercial photographers los angeles photographers gallery los angeles pregnancy photographer los angeles los angeles wedding photographer portrait phot

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